Do you really know Leonardo?

Discover Milan of the Renaissance, the places where Leonardo lived and worked at Duke Ludovico il Moro’s service.

You can combine the guided tour of the Cenacolo Vinciano Museum with one of the following visits.

Cenacolo and Santa Maria delle Grazie

Leonardo was a great walker: every day, through the Vercellina Gate, he would walk in the sun – even in the hot summer – to reach the Dominican monastery delle Grazie and paint his true masterpiece, the Last Supper.

Why was he commissioned to work at this monastery? What is the story of the building, a listed UNESCO heritage since 1980 together with the painting made by Leonardo in the refectory? Which people did Leonardo meet in Milan? Who did he interact, work and meditate with?

We will find out all this information by visiting the basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie, where the great architect Donato Bramante also worked to build the Tribuna.

The combo tour lasts 90 minutes
The cost is € 18,00 per person (including the whispers system) in addition to the tickets


Cenacolo and Pinacoteca Ambrosiana

The Ambrosiana Picture Gallery, one of the first museum in the world to be opened to the public, features the well-known Codice Atlantico by Leonardo da Vinci and the portrait of a musician, the only male figure painted by Leonardo. It also houses one of the earliest replicas of the Last Supper, commissioned by Federico Borromeo to keep the memory of this unique painting, which began suffering from significant damage fairly soon after it was first painted.

The Picture Gallery also houses other world-famous masterpieces, like the Fruit Basket by Caravaggio and the preparatory cartoons of the School of Athens by Raffaello.

The combo tour lasts 150 minutes
The cost is € 34,00 per person (including the whispers system and the entry ticket for the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana) in addition to the tickets






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