Ad Artem is a Milanese company which has been working since 1993 to promote and enhance cultural heritage. We support cultural foundations, including museums, exhibition promoters, public institutions and private enterprises to promote wide-scope cultural projects: Picasso, Raffaello, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Leonardo are just a few of the great artists which we have made familiar to the general public.

Our aim is to popularize culture at all level: the adult public, tourists, students from all levels of the schooling system, families with children, official representatives of Organizations and companies we collaborate with.

At the Cenacolo Vinciano Museum we provide a guided tour service up to the unique value of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, a listed Unesco treasure, which requires the utmost degree of skills and global awareness.

The museum worker, the tour guide, represent an invaluable figure connecting the masterpiece with the public and the best person to guarantee a warm and devoted welcome to the different individuals making up the museum public, bound to have different geographical, social and cultural background.

A visit to the Cenacolo Vinciano Museum has a dual goal: making a personal encounter with the masterpiece – the guide will “lead” the eye – and the study of its fascinating story.

Not just guided tours

The opportunity to use a special multi-function space inside the Cenacolo Vinciano Museum provides additional value to our services, as it allows us to offer an enhanced and immersive experience to visitors and exploit different educational strategies.

The space in fact can be turned into a Renaissance workshop, to experiment with the art techniques exploited by Leonardo, into a conference room to discuss in details specific topics, into a launching pad to embark on a journey on the footsteps of Leonardo in Milan and in the Lombardy region, or even into a stage to conjure up the feelings and emotions expressed by the figures in the painting.

These are our proposals: standard guided tour, combo guided tour, guided tour combined with a workshop, book now!

Giunti Editore is Italy’s third-largest publishing group, heir to a long publishing tradition that began in 1841 with the founding of the Paggi printing house and bookshop. With over 1100 new titles a year including fiction, non-fiction, psychology, miscellaneous and illustrated books, art books, books for children and young people and school publishing.

Giunti al Punto, with its 267 bookshops, is the leading Italian bookshop chain in terms of number of outlets owned.

There are numerous companies and strategic partnerships.

In recent years, the various acquisitions of the Gruppo Giunti include:

  • the business unit consisting of the Disney, Marvel and Lucas branded publications from ‘The Walt Disney Company’;
  • Bompiani, the historic publishing house founded in 1929 by Valentino Bompiani, Italy’s leading publisher of fiction and non-fiction;
  • 20% of Quarto Group, a British publishing house founded in 1976 and now listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Giunti publishes the ‘Edizione Nazionale dei Manoscritti e dei Disegni di Leonardo da Vinci’ (National Edition of Leonardo da Vinci’s Manuscripts and Drawings), a prestigious work that collects all Leonardo’s codices in facsimile. The Group is also present in the sector of additional services in museums, with ticketing services, bookshop management, institutional publishing production and for exhibition events. Giunti also publishes several magazines such as ‘Art e Dossier’ and ‘Archeologia Viva’, leaders in Italy in the art-historical and archaeological sectors respectively.

Verona 83 is one of the most important organizations in the Italian service industry. The company policy focuses on innovation in the service sector: management of museum and cultural facilities, integrated logistics, cleaning services.

It deals with integrated services for Culture, Sports and the Show Business and manages the additional facilities within the top-rated Italian museums as well as blockbuster art exhibitions and sports events.

Verona 83 is aware that positive results are only achieved  if clients and customers are satisfied and is therefore commited to applying a well-structured managing process aimed at meeting clients’ expectations in order to costantly improve the service provided.





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